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When I was in Australia Christine noticed that half of my clothes still had the labels in them – either the tags where I’d bought them or dry cleaning tags. A few of the children’s things were the same. I went to put on my jumper this morning and noticed that it too had tags at the neck, scratchy and a bit uncomfortable (above) but I still came in to work with it still there. 

I pondered why this is. Can I really be too busy to cut out some labels? Am I too lazy? Do I not care enough about my appearance? I realised that it’s probably a combo of all of these factors. I am always in such a rush in the mornings – I get dressed upstairs, where I have no scissors to snip things out, then probably intend to cut them out downstairs but get swept up in school run mayhem and it never gets done. Frankly because of my chaotic life I don’t have a great deal of time to dwell on my appearance.

Surely this is something I can change without too much effort? So I have just asked my work colleague and desk neighbour Sharon to snip this out for me. 

I know it’s a small thing, but I am going to try and make sure the children and I don’t wear anything with tags in them from here on in. I am hoping that this is one resolution I will actually be able to stick to! 

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