Depression: The Dark Truth: What you need to know about the people who suffer from depression. ( Social Anxiety, Intrusive Thoughts, Negative Thinking, Panic Attacks )

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    Does your Mom, Friend, Son or anyone you know act differently when you try to ask them if they have depression?

    Depression is cruel. There are many reasons why people get depressed, some are due to break ups, bankruptcy, and death of a loved one, etc. Different reasons but has the same ending.

    This book is dedicated to the strong and beautiful, people who survived and is fighting depression. It’s also for the people who would like to know what it’s like to have depression.

    The World Health Organization refers to a concerning increase in the number of people suffer from depression worldwide. In terms of death, disability, and social dysfunctions, depression is ranked fourth among serious diseases worldwide. It is provided that in the year 2020 depression will be in the first position in Westerns societies. This disease can occur at any age.

    Depression is a disease which more often than any other can lead somebody to suicide. News of Robin Williams’ suicide whipped around the world and his death made us realize that depression doesn’t discriminate. “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”, he insisted.

    People feel scared and wonder about depression and its consequences to a human being. The inner demons of this talented artist that ultimately did him in change him into a man that his friends couldn’t recognize.

    This book may help you work out all these negative feelings or the questions you have about depression.

    -Why people suffer from depression?
    -What is depression and how can we deal with it?
    -How can we help people with the frozen smile who insist on being fine?
    -How can we challenge on negative thoughts that characterize people suffering from depression?
    -Why do rich and famous who seem to have it all still suffer from depression?
    -How can we reveal the dark truth of this devastating disease that affects million people?

    Being informed about depression and taking care of yourself may help you or your friends meet the truth, the dark truth and get out of it.

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