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When making decisions, human beings are inherently concerned about themselves, whether we like it or not. That is just the way we are wired and it has been like that since the beginning of time. So, when people are visiting a website they unconsciously think , “What’s in it for me?”. They always want to know what the product, business or service can do for them. Will it solve a problem or make their lives easier in any sort of way.

The flip side is that the website owner is only thinking of himself and that’s why the copy on a lot of websites are very self centric, like “We are the best in town” or “Our prices are unbeatable”. So the website owner is trying to show how great his company is, but the visitor is really only concerned with what he can get out of it. As soon as you see “I” or “We” you can be sure that the copy is going to be very self centric, there is nothing wrong with that, but you must put yourself in the prospect’s shoes.

Test your copy with customer centric language. What are they going to get? Try sentences like the following:

1. As a loyal customer, you get extra discount. 2. Your kids deserve the best education. 3. Get your walls painted by an expert you can trust.

See the difference ? All you need to do is turn words such as “I” and “We” into “You” and “Your”. Just by shifting the perspective in your writing could make a big difference in your conversions. Show people that you care about them and about the problem they are having.

With self centric writing, your prospect has to translate what is in it for him, so that is just another hurdle to get over before he can convert. These are some basic examples to give you some ideas. There are still a lot to learn, but try these suggestions out the next time you write some copy. Use some self centric and some customer centric copy and split test them against each other. Like you saw in the above mentioned just by changing a single word in a sentence can have a big impact.

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