Compare Champix Zyban Which is the Best ?

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First came nicotine replacement therapies followed by Zyban and now we have Champix to the rescue of smokers trying to quit smoking. All these treatments were popular in their own right and every time a new treatment came in, the old one was negligently forgotten.

Nicotine replacement therapies got lot of attention for many years but then Zyban came in and it was touted as the best thing for smokers as it did not contain nicotine. However, people who took Zyban had seizures and hence it never reached the zenith of popularity. Champix on the other hand, being the latest drug for smoking cessation, achieved remarkable success in a very short time.

Ever since Champix has come in the market, there has been no looking back and smoking cessation has become synonymous with Champix. Every smoker today, thinks about Champix when he wants to quit smoking. Especially because of smoking ban, being introduced in many countries, the popularity and demand of Champix is on a constant rise.

So what is it about Champix that it has beaten its predecessors so badly? Let us understand about the pros and cons of each treatment for smoking cessation so that we can choose between them easily.

Nicotine replacement therapies (Nicotine gums, patches, lozenges, etc)

Active ingredient: Nicotine


Contains lesser amount of nicotine than cigarettes
You do not feel in denial as you still have nicotine
You do not experience many withdrawal symptoms


Less or more, it does contain nicotine
Nicotine gums can be addictive
Smoking when on these therapies can be dangerous


Active ingredient: Bupropion


Unlike nicotine replacement therapies, it does not replace one form of nicotine for another


Dangerous side effects such as seizures
Principle behind its working is not found
It is not as effective as Champix


Active ingredient: Varenicline


Like Zyban, it does not contain nicotine
Champix is two times more effective than Zyban and four times more than quitting cold turkey
It works by binding to nicotine receptors in brain more strongly than nicotine
It reduces withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings and makes smoking unpleasant


As Champix is a prescription drug, it is not free from side effects
Champix can also be considered expensive if you compare it with other smoking cessation treatments

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