Communication What Are Telephony Systems?

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Have you ever heard the term telephony or telecommunication? Well both of the services are very similar and many businesses are working alongside communication installers to ensure that they have the most efficient communication system installed for their offices and international workforce.

Telephony is best installed in an environment that has a strong wireless or wired connection to the internet. A telephonic phone system is connected via the internet, the worlds largest network that connects the world wide web. Many “newbies” assume that the world wide web is in fact the internet. In actual fact, the internet is a large network or database that is connected by thousands of wired and wireless connections.

Telephony can be installed to communicate efficiently with a selection of devices around the world with limited resources. All you need is a solid internet connected and telephony system installed.

There are many installers of telephony systems in and around the UK. They specialise in the installation of these bespoke systems to create a better working environment that is more user friendly.

Puffin Solutions is an installer of telephony systems and telecommunication software. They work across the UK and have installed state of the art telephony systems for some of the largest companies in the world.

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