Communication Theories

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                                    Communication Theories

By communication theory we mean such a person in which communication is considered one way or two ways or continuous process. The message reaches the receiver through various ways to the receiver. Communication is such a subject in which changes occur daily. The subject matter, medium, process of communication developed according to the needs and expansion of modern means of communication and business activities. The communication process depends upon same basic and principal theories. The major principal theories are as follows:-

                                 Information Theory

          This theory of communication was produced by Shanan in 1750 and after him Miller and Fick developed upon it. This theory is also called bull’s eye theory or shanan theory. With the increasing use of electronic medium of transmission this theory got propounded.

The information theory of communication has the under mentioned characteristics:-

  1. The process of communication is linear.
  2. The basis of this system depends upon the work result.
  3. Communication is a one way activity.
  4. Under communication message are given in the form of sign or inward form.
  5. Communication can be sent by mechanical devices like computer, cyber world etc.

In this information theory communication the role of the message sender is more important, because in this theory communication has been taken as a one way theory. Therefore the sender should give a clear and correct message so that the receiver can understand correct meaning. In this theory it is believed that both the sender and receiver can understand the signs and languages of the message.

                              Interaction theory of Communication

                   This theory of communication is also called round or circular theory. According to this theory in the process of communication there is a continuous exchange of information, ideas, feelings, and messages between the sender and receiver. In this theory the process of feedback got included under communication.

Constituents of Interaction Theory

               Under the interaction theory of work of communication goes on in an organized process whose parts of constituents are as follows:-

  1. Message, the birth of an idea or information.
  2. The giver of the message or sender.
  3. Underlying the feeling of the message.
  4. Way of Communication.
  5. Means or medium of communication.
  6. Receiver of the message.
  7. Understanding the meaning of the message by the receiver considering over the message or implementation.
  8. Feed back.

This theory of communication is a complete theory. In it both the sender and the receiver remain alert. Under it communication is taken to be two way process. The receiver of the message on understanding its meaning gives his feedback upon it.

In the modern age the importance of this theory is steadily increasing in the field of management, because one can receive the reaction on the message sent, and if it remains any doubt or discrepancy it can be removed.

                        Transaction Theory of Communication

              This theory of communication is based on the constant exchange of information or give and take process. According to this theory communication is a continuously on-going process. In it the sender and receiver both are participants in a common form and mutually exchange information. The constituents of this theory are as follows:-

  1. Message
  2. Sender
  3. Underlying the meaning of message.
  4. Way
  5. Medium
  6. Receiver
  7. Understanding the underlying meaning.
  8. Change in behavior.
  9. Feed Back

The characteristics of this theory of communication are:-

1)     Communication keeps on going continuously between sender and receiver.

2)     Both the parties in communication are affected by cause and result,

3)     Every action in communication generates a reaction.

4)     Communication uses a bridge of message to bring it to a logical conclusion.

In this way different theories of communication are prevalent. In these the interaction theory of communication is more in use because in it communication is taken to be a two way process.

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