Common Copywriting Mistakes

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Don’t asume you’re the best person to write your copy.

Is writing copy really the best use of your time? You might be better at other things, so spend your time on that and get someone else to write your copy. A lot of times you are too close to the product or service to write the best type of copy. Hiring a good copywriter can really save you a lot of time.

Don’t hire the wrong kind of writer.

You want to hire a copywriter, not a writer. A lot of writers just do copywriting to pay the bills, you need a real copywriter that is concerned with your ROI. The writer you hire must be concentrating on getting you results , not about how fancy the writing is.

Split test your copy

You can say the same thing in thousands of ways, so you will never quite know if you have a winner or not. Don’t feel bad, the best copywriters in the world can sometimes not say beforehand which piece of writing will work best. The point is things can always get better. If you get a winner you should try different variations of it, you might stumble onto something even better.

Don’t assume all principles apply.

Just because something works in one type of ad, doesn’t mean it will work in another type. Writing an ad for PPC is very different than writing a product description. Don’t take all the principles you know and apply all of them everytime you write copy. Make sure you understand the context before you start.

Don’t always use copywriting techniques in everything you write.

Sometimes you just want to have a “chat” with your prospects. You want to tell them about yourself or educate them about something. Building trust is very important, so don’t always feel that you have to write a pitch. Warm them up first and put them at ease before you start to pitch them.

Don’t assume you know your audience.

This is why you need to split test everything. You might think you know your customers because you have been in business for a long time, but testing can almost always reveal something about your target market that you didn’t know before. Pay attention to your analytics and learn as much as possible about your market’s behavior.

Don’t try to be perfect.

You will be better off to put a few things down on paper and then you split test them. Don’t worry about having a perfect piece of copy, you might think it’s perfect , but your market might have other ideas. Put something out there and then you improve it over time. That is a much better proposition than waiting for the perfect piece of copy while you could have been making money. This piece is a good case in point, far from perfect , but you are reading it. It’s out there and have the potential to make a sale, that beats the hell out of banging your head against the keyboard because you can’t think of the perfect way to say something!


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