Chantix- to Help Smokers in Quitting Smoking

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Prescription drugs help in the cause of Smoking Cessation

Smoking is the most common preventable cause of death. To stop smoking is necessary for health and it provides many benefits. The most visible ones include improvement in blood circulation, normal blood pressure levels, a better sense of smell and taste, and rhythmic breathing patterns. In broad terms, we can say, smoking cessation helps people to live longer.
To quit smoking is not an easy task for smokers. They may experience short-term effects such as irritability, weight gain, and anxiety. Some people make several attempts before achieving success in quitting smoking. There are many quit smoking aids for smokers if they wish to stop smoking. Some smokers quit smoking cold turkey while some take help of counseling, prescription medicines, or products that help reduce nicotine addiction. However, your health care provider can help to find the best way for you to quit smoking.
There are many prescription drugs available in the market, which act as quit smoking aids. However, people should buy these quit smoking aids only after consulting a doctor in order to prevent harmful side effects. These drugs may not suit everyone. One of the most popular quit smoking drugs that have surfaced in the market is Chantix varenicline.
Chantix is a prescription drug that works in two ways to help smokers quit smoking. It acts by stopping the effects of nicotine, which helps to reduce pleasure of smoking among smokers. Chantix also provides some nicotine effects in the brain, which help to ease the cravings and withdrawal symptoms in smokers. This dual action of Chantix makes it popular among people who wish to quit smoking easily.

Chantix dosage
Chantix dosage, which a doctor recommends vary for different individuals and depends on various factors. The prominent ones include your response to Chantix; medications you are already taking; various medical problems you have; and many other factors. Therefore, people should not adjust Chantix dosage without consulting a doctor.
Chantix dosage generally starts with a low dosage in the beginning and progresses slowly with the treatment. It is ideal to start with 0.5 mg chantix dosage daily for first three days. From day four to seven, Chantix dosage should be 0.5 mg twice daily. Moreover, from day eight onwards up to the end of treatment, Chantix dosage should be 1mg daily.
Smokers who suffer from any type of kidney problems should take lower Chantix dosage and that too if the doctor recommends.

Chantix side effects

The most common Chantix side effects visible in people include headaches, changes in taste, and nausea. Rare Chantix side effects include psoriasis, vision problems, and high cholesterol.
Some online medical sources indulge in selling cheap Chantix to increase their sales. However, this process may harm people who buy these drugs for smoking cessation. Cheap Chantix or generic Chantix is available easily in the market. Many websites, which sell prescription drugs, also indulge in selling cheap Chantix. You should do extensive research and find about the details about the online pharmacy so that you do not buy Chantix.

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