Carry Large Amounts of Material with a Self Dumping Steel Hopper

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When moving any bulk materials around a warehouse or factory, safety is important. The more reliable the system of transit, the better, and the greater care that is taken, the less likely you are to have a potentially costly and wasteful accident. By using self dumping steel hoppers and carrying goods on a standard fork lift truck, you get the best of both worlds, a system that is easily manageable in terms of loading and unloading, and one that is fast, reliable, and capable of carrying large amounts of material in a single trip around the building.

Self dumping steel hoppers offer you the ability to carry large quantities around in a single trip, and present the easiest possible method of unloading when necessary. The units have been designed around a simple gravity boosted hinge, which allows the contents of the hopper to be discharged at the pull of a chain or the flick of a switch.

Thanks to the large capacity offered by a self dumping steel hopper, coupled with the fact that they can stand on their own when in use, they provide one of the best means of carrying goods from one end of a building to another, as well as being a large capacity storage unit in their own right. There are numerous different reasons to utilize these items, and they present a great deal of usefulness across many different business processes.

Perhaps the most obvious use of a self dumping steel hopper is to carry large amounts of particular chemicals or ingredients from your storage area to the place where they are needed. The hopper can simply be mounted on the front of a fork lift truck, and then loaded with whatever you need to move. A handy lid protects against spillage, and the high sides of the hopper are also useful in preventing wastage. Once the fork lift has carried the materials to where they are needed, the whole load can be immediately dumped into the vat or mixing pot where it is needed without any problems. Likewise, if the unit is required as a means of transporting waste materials around the facility, it can simply be placed in an area where staff can easily and quickly dump their waste material into it, and then when full, the fork lift driver can pick up the goods and dispose of them appropriately elsewhere.

One of the main advantages of a self dumping steel hopper is that it does not require complex and expensive pneumatic systems in order to raise the fully loaded hopper in order to dump the contents. Instead, the natural position of the hopper is in the dumping position, and gravity will naturally pull the unit forwards when the operator unlocks it. This means that the hopper can be attached to the forklift quickly and effectively, with no additional power requirements or other issues needing to be addressed.

With a hard wearing powder finish coupled with a high quality steel construction throughout, these self dumping steel hoppers are built to last, and offer you the opportunity to invest in a quality product with a wide range of uses across your workplace that will allow for greater efficiency and better management of stock across many areas.

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