Braid Wave! – How to rock the perfect braids for the festivals this summer

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I may be thousands of miles away in Los Angeles filming for Made In Chelsea at the moment, but that does not mean I won’t be constantly checking my Mail Online app for all the outfits and trends at Glastonbury this weekend.

It is definitely my favourite festival for style and beauty trends and I think everyone makes an extra special effort at Glastonbury.

So for me, aside from the clothes, I think the braid is the only way to do festival hair. I use Easilocks hair extensions and I love them, but I must admit they certainly need some taming when it comes to a weekend without my trusty hairdryer and styling tools!

I never thought braids would suit me but I had this braid done recently for a photoshoot by my make up artist Mikey Phillips and now I can’t get enough of it. I have been rocking it out in LA too and I’m loving the look.


BINKYLoving the braids: The perfect festival hair

As well as being fuss free, braids are massively on trend right now. Ever since Kate Bosworth rocked out this amazing look at Coachella earlier this year, braiding has gone insane.

Everyone from Rita Ora and Rihanna to Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Emma Watson has been rocking out the braids and it’s no surprise that the braiding trend has been around before and is making a comeback from the 1990’s.

I think the influence of pop culture has also had a big impact on the braid trend this year especially with TV shows such as Game Of Thrones. 




Now there are pop up braid bars popping up and all over the country, They have become the new blow dry bars. One of my favourite is Hershesons Braid Bar, I use the one in the Oxford Street Top Shop. They have a few more bars across London and they offer braiding for £15. They offer fun styles for all ages some of my favourite looks are below. 




‘Keash Braids is another amazing new pop-up hair braiding salon that offers 12 signature braided styles. Prices range from £10-£30 and you can add glitter, non-permanent colour, kiss curls or hair rings and charms for a few extra quid, if you dare. Keash Braids is a true celebration of culture and tradition. I love the way they add the charms to make it a bit different. 






I can’t make it to Glastonbury this year, but please keep me entertained over here with all your pics. Next week I will be blogging about my favourite festival inspired looks. 

Binky xx




Hershesons Braid Bar – £15, 8 special looks that can be completed in up to 15 minutes.



Keash Braids – Pop up braiding salon offers 12 signature styles. (£10 – £30)


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