Blood, Sweat and Burpees: My Week At No 1 Boot Camp Ibiza

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It’s been a tough week but I’m so glad I’ve done my time at No 1 Boot Camp.

Last week I checked in looking decidedly lumpy – but now I feel fitter, healthier and I’ve got my six-pack back.

I’m also 8lbs lighter in less than a week – now weighing in at 12 stone 6lbs.

Spencer before and after

Last week I was too ashamed to show my “before” picture, I’m only putting it out there now because it makes my “after” look even better. Another 3-4 days and I reckon I would have got back to my Men’s Health peak. but that said I’m happy with where I am.

Bar bell 2

The dreaded bar bell – harder than it looks! (Credit: Max Lawless)


How I did it was not easy – but there is no easy way to lose weight and get in shape.

No 1 Boot Camp’s resident trainer, former RAF PTI Andy Morris came up with the most fiendish physical torture I’ve ever had to endure – The Stairway of Doom – 181 steps of pain built into the side of a cliff and I had to run up and down them 10 times, with dumb bells and do exercises at the bottom with the weights.


Stairs up 1

Running up the hellish Stairway of Doom (credit: Max Lawless)


You can see how steep they are in the pictures – and they feel steeper with every journey.  They are situated near the picturesque Benirras beach but you don’t really feel much like taking in the view. This was agonizing muscle pain and a nauseating test of stamina.


Stairs down best

Sweating up a storm at No 1 Boot Camp (credit: Max Lawless)


Back at the villa there were other special “games” that Andy had devised. There were boxing work outs in a Tabata style – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) where I had to hit the pads he was holding for 20 seconds with maximum effort, then 10 seconds rest, then repeat eight times. We repeated this six times in a row totaling around 30 mins. I felt sick with fatigue, was seeing stars and was sucking wind. Apparently this means you are doing it properly.


Tabata boxing 3

Tabata boxing at No 1 Boot Camp (credit: Max Lawless)


I’ve got to say I found it easier in the mornings to get motivated and had to get some energy by taking a couple of Forza T5 Super Strength capsules, which also helped me combat hunger pangs in the afternoons.


Light meal on the beach

Taking a hard-earned break on the beach (credit: Max Lawless)


Then there was the burpees challenge. Just for anyone that isn’t familiar with a burpee – it is not some unfortunate bit of trapped wind due to indigestion, it is an exercise that has you drop from a standing position to a squat, then push out your legs, bring them back to the squat and then jump back to a standing position.


Rock climbing with Andy

Rock climbing in the beautiful Benirras hills (credit: Max Lawless)


The burpee challenge starts off easy and then gets insanely hard. 1st minute – one burpee, 2nd minute – two burpees, and so on until 15th minutes – 15 burpees. By the end you have done 120 burpees.


Yoga 1

A bit of tranqulility with a yoga workout (credit: Max Lawless)


Thankfully there were also some gentler pursuits and the Hata yoga around the pool I found particularly relaxing – I attempted the Downward Facing Dog, the Sun salutation, the High plank and the Camel pose. There was also time for a bit of sun-bathing on the beach.

Despite the daily torture at the hands of PTI Morris, I’ve got to say I feel so much better about myself, not just that I look physically better either. There’s something really empowering about coming to No 1 Boot Camp and I’ll definitely go again. Maybe not for another six months though.


Spencer finger pointing

Bye for now Ibiza… I’ll be back! (Credit: Max Lawless)


All the best,

Spencer xxx


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