Blackscore x Wild At Heart Foundation sweaters are HERE…

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You know how I love anything animal/clothing related, even better when there’s a charity involved, and total A+++ when it’s dogs, so you can imagine my total joy when these oh-so-amazing sweaters were released in collaboration with Black Score (the uber fun label) and Wild At Heart Foundation (the amazing dog charity, combatting the stray dog population around the world).


Black Score’s designer, Simeon Farrar, was tasked with creating this small capsule collection exclusively for Wild At Heart Foundation for an art fundraiser evening the charity set up. The seven now available include the four favourites from the night. They are all hand-printed onto the soft organic Fairtrade cotton sweaters. 

With slogans such as: ‘I BELIEVE IN DOG’ and ‘ADOPT DON’T SHOP’, the message is loud and clear… let’s get strays off the street and into loving houses!


The sweaters are all priced at £50, and 100% of the proceeds go to the charity. Buy one here. 


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