BIG hair and plenty of bronzing! How to get red carpet ready in time for TV BAFTAs

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So its been a long time since I have completed my blog and thought it would be nice to start with the BAFTA’s.

I love the BAFTA’s and have been a couple of times, but this year I am so looking forward to it I have always been into my style and make-up but I have recently discovered lots of new amazing tips. 

It’s so important to know how to get red carpet ready, I actually completely crumble at the thought of walking down a red carpet, I would rather just sneak around the back sometimes, but at least if you feel as good as you possibly can – it’s a glorious start!


The three important things to consider when I think about getting ready for a red carpet are your hair, make-up and skin.  This is how my overall look was completed. 


I, of course, rely on my easilocks extensions to give me fuller hair. But you can easily use clip ins to recreate this if you have thinner hair, I had hairdresser Mark Hill help me tame my mane! Here’s how he did it:

· On clean dry hair, take large sections of hair and spray with Work it Girl Shine Protect and Control Spray. 

· Wrap spirally around the barrel of a Rock Chick Wave Wand, hold for a few seconds and then remove the Wand. 

· Immediately coil the wave towards the roots and hold in place with a couple of pin curl clips. 

· Do this through the rest of your hair and then leave to cool completely.  Clipping each wave and then allowing to cool will make the waves last longer with added body and bounce.

· When the hair is cool, remove the clips and shake through using your fingers.  I have such thick hair, if your hair is finer, rather than shake through just comb through gently with your fingers. 

· Finish with Fabulous Finish Hairspray to hold in style, and a generous spritz of Bedazzled to keep flyaways at bay and add a gorgeous shine.  



My make up, was completed by Rebecca Butterworth, M∙A∙C Senior Artist.

To start with we used a new M∙A∙C Prolongwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation.

Followed by Mineralise Concealer in a lighter colour under the eyes and on cheekbones as a highlighter. The Mineralise range at MAC is unbelievable and I use it a lot on shoots and during filming and is is dreamy, especially after a late night!

Rebecca then swept M∙A∙C Mineralise Skinfinish in Deep Dark under the cheekbones to contour. 


On the eyes she used M∙A∙C Bronze Eyeshadow with plenty of Feline Eye Kohl to create an almond shaped eye, with M∙A∙C Blacktrack Fluidline along the top lashes and #36 lashes to finish. Lips were sculpted with M∙A∙C Boldly Bare Lipliner and filled with Blankety Lipstick. 


I love my fake tan and its important to have a nice glow to ensure you are glowing for the red carpet. I am useless at tan myself and I do think it’s well worth investing in someone to do a spray tan. Most importantly, make sure you exfoliate beforehand.


St.Tropez Tanning Expert Jules Heptonstall used St.Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil all over me, paying particular attention to my collar bones, shoulders and shins as this is what tends to be highlighted by the flash in photos.

Before my spray tan I made sure I had prepared my skin by using St.Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse the evening before for a classic golden colour.

Jules recommends starting at the ankles and working your way up, he always tells me to Apply two coats of mousse to the body,  and you cant be be worried about overlapping each layer, this will just minimise the chance of streaking. 

Leave your face, hands and feet until last. My tip is to Make sure you wipe hands and nails with a makeup wipe to remove excess tan, leave for 8 hours and rinse away the guide colour to reveal your golden tan.

And it’s as simple as that… Haha! I know it sounds like a lot of work and seriously high maintenance but trust me I am a low maintenance girl at heart.

However, for a red carpet event as high profile as the BAFTAs, I know how important it is to look your best, especially when you’re on TV.


I’ve been really working hard on my fitness lately too so I’m hoping it will pay off. 

In reality, this was a test run and I am now off to find my real outfit… eek!

Wish me luck,

Love Binky xxx

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