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What could be better than a festive decoration with a beauty goodie hidden inside? The great news is that there are lots of gorgeous Christmas tree decorations at good prices this year … and I’ve picked 10 of the best.

Bauble - MavalaMavala Christmas Baubles, £5 (John Lewis and Boots)

These look like classy Christmas tree decorations. They’re pretty glass baubles with a choice of eight nail sparkly polish shades inside. Very pretty, and you’ll actually use the polish. In fact, you can take the sparkly one out to use over the festive season and replace it with a different one.

The Ghost Girl Bauble, £5 (Boots) Bauble - Ghost

Top marks for originality and value for this one. It’s a big transparent bauble with a fabulous bottle of scent inside. There are four different Ghost scents available – this one smells deliciously of raspberry, pomegranate and pear.

Bauble - Burt's BeesBurt’s Bees Hanging Christmas Bauble, £6.99 (Boots)

A cute tin bauble that can be used again, year after year. Choose from the Beeswax or Pomegranate versions, each with a lip balm and a handbag-sized tin of hand salve.



Lily of the Valley Hand Balm Bauble, £3 ( Bauble - lily of the valley

This is one of the prettiest of the bunch. A big peppermint green and white decorated ball with a little pot of hand balm inside. Brilliant value.




Bauble No7 StarNo7 Star Bauble, £6 (Boots)

This one really stands out on the Christmas tree. It’s a big sparkly star with a nail polish inside. This works as an extra present for someone on Christmas morning, as you can’t see what’s inside until the star is opened.


Lip Smacker Christmas Tree Ornament, £6.99 (Claire’s Accessories) Bauble - Lip Smacker

This is less of a pretty bauble and more of a useful tree ornament. There are four lip balms inside each pack, from a choice of Original Fruit, Coco Cola, Chupa Chups and Disney Frozen collections. These are brilliant for kids and teenagers – and of course, big kids!

Bauble - TopShopTopShop Hanging Pyramid, £5 (

These come in a choice of nail polish or lipstick. I’m loving the lipstick decoration – it’s so different, and makes a great table present on Christmas Day. Choose from shades including Motel, a lovely nude, Joyride, a festive red, and Get Me Bodied, a sultry plum. Nail colours come in a choice of five shades.




Ted Baker Mini Golden Treasure, £4 (Boots)

I love this one for value and prettiness. It’s a beautifully designed box with a little pot of Shimmer Body Souffle inside. I’d be tempted to keep this one for myself …

Limited Collection Hanging Nail Polish, £4 ( Bauble - Ted Baker

There’s nothing too fancy about this one – it’s a box with a nail polish inside, but it’s good value. The polish itself would cost £4, and the two shades are perfect for the festive season – choose from Silver Mix or Pink Shine.


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