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One of the loveliest discoveries I have made recently has been candle shades. I came across these while having dinner with my son in Peterhouse, Cambridge. My memory is that the dining hall in Peterhouse uses almost no electricity. Instead, the tables sport candles which have been made far softer and more elegant by shades. The candles wear an ingenious metal collar which follows the candle down as the wick burns. The shades sit on these.

Gone is the glare of a flame in your face so you can’t see the person opposite.

Once you try eating to this beautiful soft light, nothing else is as relaxing. As candle light is to electricity, so these are to candlelight…


If you plan a warm, rich wedding in the middle of winter, these are a must.

Here are silver-plated “followers,” with silver-themed shades, from Frolic Lighting +44 (0)118 974 4305.

Please note: it is absolutely vital to use these according to the instructions given, and particularly with the correct candles as indicated on the website.


These are so lovely, it’s almost worth getting married in winter specially to use them.

And if, like me, you wed in summer, then you’ll just have to have plenty of dinner parties…

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