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I’ve woken up and smelt the coffee this week and realised that I’m in need of a total body de-tox. I have been partying far too much recently and it’s taken it’s toll on me, particularly on my waist-line.

The taut abs of my Men’s Health cover (nearly a year ago) have disappeared under, dare I say it, a very slight paunch.

Well enough is enough. I’m not going back to the bad old days of yo-yo diet Spencer so I’ve booked into No 1 Boot Camp for a dose of tough love, military style.


Spencer running on the beach


I jumped on a plane to visit their camp in Ibiza – it’s only a cheap two hour flight and a short car ride and there I was – at their luxury villa near Santa Eularia.

The weigh-in came as a shock on day one – 13 stone. Not good. This is ½ stone more than I weighed from my Men’s Health challenge, and I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass and gained fat. But at least I know that with some hard work and determination I can turn it round with a week or two at boot camp.


Press up on the beach

Pity To Spoil Such a Lovely Beach With Press Ups


The next morning everything starts with a bang. Loud pumping dance music wakes you (well it is Ibiza after all) at 7am, and if the relentless thud of the bass doesn’t wake you the dulcet tones of former RAF Physical Training Instructor (PTI) Andy Morris will. Andy motivates all the campers with a special mix discipline and peer group pressure. He’s clearly turned down the volume on what he would have handed out to wannabe fighter pilots in the RAF and his boot camp style is much more about encouragement and getting the best out of people.

You can see what No 1 Boot Camp Work-out sessions are like in this video below.



Andy's torture board

PTI Andy Morris Reveals His Latest Torture Session


At 7.30am there is a fitness test in the grounds of the luxurious villa – which is running for 15 minutes, and then a test to see how many sit ups, push ups and burpees you can do.

Then back for breakfast which consists of eggs, mushrooms and spinach – absolutely no toast, bagels or cereals. The food is wheat free, gluten free, sugar free and unprocessed. At 9.30 we move on to an hour long beach run. It looks more effortless and fun in the photos than it is in real life. It’s harder to run on sand than it is on road, and your thighs soon feel the difference.

There is a quick half hour break for some frozen watermelon and nut energy balls and then it’s straight on to gruelling triathlon circuits and sea swimming. If that’s not enough, we then have to run back to the villa. I was exhausted.


A nutritious meal

A Nutritious Meal at No 1 Boot Camp – Zero Carbs


Lunch is quinoa and stuffed peppers and is tasty and provides a nutrient dense low carb diet. They don’t starve you here, you are given enough to eat, around 1,200 calories a day, but you are probably burning at least 2,000 with the work-outs so you are going to lose weight.


Bar bell raise 3

I Think It’s Time To Take My Top Off


Bar bell raise better

That’s Much Better Now I Can Lift It


After lunch it’s a weights session followed by all over resistance circuits – by 3.30pm the most painful bits of the day are done, and then it’s down to some games around the pool, and the other campers were really friendly and up for a laugh.

Press up by the pool

Not So Fun Games Round The Pool


Diving in

Time To Cool Down In The Pool


Coming out of the pool

My Work Is Done Here – Time For A Bit of R&R


There was time for a bit of lounging by the pool and catching some rays. The weather is still sunny and warm, even though it’s not summer any more, and the location and scenery are breath-takingly beautiful.


Sun bathing 1

Some Well Earned Sunbathing At The End Of The Day


Dinner at 6pm was a delicious Cajun baked salmon with mango and avocado salsa and then we settled down for movie night and bed by 9.30pm. Yes, I know that doesn’t sound like me but if you don’t get a good night’s sleep your body simply won’t cope the next day.

I’ve got another week of this to go – if I can stick it out – and then hopefully I will be ripped up and in top shape again. I’ll show you next week how I get on.

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