Baby Shower Ideas To Celebrate The Function Economically

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Before you get baby shower ideas, you should know the history of this event called the baby shower. This is not a new concept at all. History is witness to such functions even from the period of ancient Egyptians. Usually, a baby shower is celebrated four to six months prior to the birth of the child. During the event, close relatives and friends used to be invited and they would bring gifts for the expectant mother and the expected child. But, this event has always been an optional one. People who do not have the financial wherewithal to celebrate this just ignore it. But, these people probably have not realized that money need not be lavishly spent for celebrating this event. It can be organized as a simple event so that guests and well-wishers can come and bless or wish the expecting mother to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

For conducting this event in a simple and frugal manner, you can use the following ideas:

  • The first step involved for celebrating a baby shower function is to send invitations to your guests. Instead of opting for printing the invitations, you can try to make your own invitations. Printing the invitations may prove to be an expensive affair but by making them yourself, you can save quite a lot of money. It is not necessary that you should attempt to make them elaborate and colorful. You can make them as simple as possible. You can also attempt designing and making your invitations using a computer.
  • You can get hold of old baby shower decorations that are fairly in good shape. You may have them at your home itself from a previous baby shower event or they can be got from neighbors, close friends or relatives. Since you will be the second user, they will come at affordable costs or you may get them free of cost also. You can also recycle other decorations like Christmas decorations, lighting, etc. If you have the aptitude, you can learn to convert items such as baby bottles, blankets, cribs and mobiles into decorative pieces. Baby shirts and bibs can be painted in appropriate colors and used as decorative items. Instead of buying a new table centerpiece, you can use old recycled baby gift baskets. You can fill the baby bottles with colorful candies and chocolates so that children and others who attend the function can enjoy them. You can also keep other party favors such as candles, soaps, etc. on such old used items. Just as you keep chocolates in old baby bottles, you can keep other treats like cookies, candy bars, cupcakes and so on also. By adopting these ideas and innovating new ones for conducting games during the function, you can reduce the expenses to a great extent.
  • For reducing your expenses on food items, it is better you buy them in bulk. If you buy them in small quantities, they will always work out more expensive. Items like candies, chips and a few vegetable dips can be bought in bulk so that you can reduce the cost involved in them. Shopping online is a great idea and will reduce your expenses to a great extent because in online shopping, retailer’s margin will not be there.
  • You can opt to make the cake required for the function yourself. You will find this task quite interesting and challenging. It will work out less expensive also. Instead of trying to bake a cake that comes in many layers, you can attempt to bake a simple and easy chocolate cake. Your guests are sure to appreciate your efforts. If you are a little careful and do it methodically and sincerely, you can make a cake as good and genuine as a cake from a bakery. You can also adopt the simple technique of baking several cup cakes and decorate them with icing, nuts and sprinkles. This cupcake idea is a great one because these cakes will not only look good but will also be delicious.
  • You can reduce your expenses on items like disposable plates, spoons and forks and plastic cups by opting to use real plates, glasses and utensils that are available at home. Of course, once the function is over, you will have the huge task of washing them. But, since you are on a tight budget, you need to do such sacrifices. If washing such dishes is not your cup of tea, you can opt to buy ordinary disposable items that do not cost much. If you go for themed items, they may cost a fortune. By adopting such judicious baby shower ideas, you can celebrate the function in a frugal manner, keeping the expenditure well within your budget.

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