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W4115CAVIARILLUMINATIONGIFTSET_01_SHAD_113236Here’s some good news to brighten up a very gloomy Monday! I have just heard Aldi’s popular Caviar Gift Set is returning on the 17th December, just in time for Christmas and sensibly, shoppers will be limited to two products per person.

Thankfully they have listened to everyone who was disappointed not to get their hands on one when the range hit the shelves last month.

 Thanks to the overwhelming success of the range the Caviar Day and Night Cream will also be joining Aldi’s core beauty range from 28th January 2016, which means they will be on the shelves all of the time and everyone can try some cut-price luxury.


The gift set is £12.99 and the Day and Night Creams are £6.99 each.


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