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Businesses all across the UK have a variety of technologies installed to ensure that their businesses run smoothly and remain as efficient as possible.

For businesses to operate effectively, they will need a number of installations completed. This can vary from internet connections to communications instalments.

One of the first items that an organisation will have installed is a secure data cabinet. This will store the office operating systems on bespoke computer hardware and store any confidential information.

Connecting to the internet will be difficult without the installation of an internet router, structured cabling or WiFi.

WiFi is the process that is used to connect to the internet without the need of an Ethernet line. This is good for businesses that are smaller, and have smaller work-loads. Larger organisations would benefit from wired internet connections to prevent dropouts and low connection speeds.

Data cabling will be installed to ensure that the PC’s in the office are connected securely. This will prevent or at least reduce the risk of being hacked. Once an organisation has its information stolen, it can be tricky to get back up and running. You will need to ensure that any data you store is secured and only accessible for certain individuals such as networking managers or business owners.

Puffin Solutions specialise in data cabling installation across the UK and provide business with state of the art computer hardware.

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