Advantages of a Self Dumping Bucket Loader Forklift Attachment

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Self-dumping forklift loader buckets are ideal attachments to add to any inventory on a tight budget. As an alternative to front end loaders, they represent viable and much less expensive alternatives to loaders. By slipping over the forks of your forklift, the self-dumping bucket transforms your fork truck into a loader into a matter of minutes. This quick and convenient attachment requires no modification to your forklift, and provides an ideal material handling tool for moving loose materials. Just a few of the many applications you can use self-dumping forklift buckets for include, but are not limited to, the following:

Moving fill dirt into uneven terrain
Moving dirt for foundation work
Moving mulch to areas around trees and shrubbery
Moving sand needed for concrete mixing
Moving excess gravel from temporary driveways
Collecting and hauling away trash and small debris

The self-dumping forklift attached front end loader buckets are available in three sizes: one quarter, one half, and three quarter cubic feet. In addition to loading, hauling, and cleanup around new construction sites, they are also ideal tools for specialized masonry work and landscaping services. Moving earthworks with a loader may be efficient, but it is also expensive, and some loaders are too large to fit into confined areas near trees and gardens. Masonry work is also often performed in cramped quarters either between or near two or more walls. Forklift buckets can maneuver much more safely in these tight quarters and take up less space, leaving workers more freedom of movement for manual tasks.

At the end of the day, when cleanup time comes, its saves time, manpower, and money to simply attach a self-dumping forklift bucket to a fork truck that is already in use. Piles of rubble, small broken boards, paper trash, discarded boxes, and discarded containers can all be scooped up quickly and safely and taken to the trash. One licensed forklift driver who know what he is doing can get the job faster than 5 people on foot picking up trash and debris by hand. Consider the value of eliminating ongoing day labor costs for the one-time cost of construction cleanup tool that a single licensed fork truck driver can use over and over again.

Self-dumping forklift buckets are extremely easy to operate. Forks slip into the bucket support, securing the unit to the forklift and allowing the bucket to pivot when the safety lock is disengaged. You can then either use the remote rope release to trigger the bucket, (from the ground or a seated position) or you can remain seated and trip the bucket with the handle at the back of the unit.

The self-dumping forklift bucket automatically resets itself when it is lowered to the ground, allowing it to be lifted and used again. The safety mechanism on the bucket prevents it from accidentally dumping it contents when moving over uneven terrain. Heavy duty components and sound engineering design ensure years of reliable performance from this forklift attachment. Its user-friendliness and comparatively low cost makes it an ideal investment for the occasional user who does not need to purchase a separate loader.

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