Advanced Excel: 9 key areas that covers the core of this course

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This article is based on the importance of Advanced excel training and its various implications in the daily business process. As a business professional or as a student, it is essential to implement work progress more efficiently without consuming much time. In this article, we will go to experience various areas that need to cover the core advanced excel skills. 

Microsoft Excel generally identified as a spreadsheet, which is developed by Microsoft, which features various calculations, graphic tools, VBA (visual basic for application) and pivot table. In the current modernization of tools and technologies, the performance of the daily work process generates it rapidness to a huge extent. Thus, Microsoft Excel also plays an important role in delivering the same with greater pace and effectiveness.

The basic functionality of Microsoft Excel is to transform a raw data into a productive manner through the graphical presentation, pie charts, and tables thus helping in generating the trend of overall performance. Management in maintaining effective business process and to tracking the trend of progress, it is essential to use the Ms. Excel. Thus, it became the integral part of the business as well as organizations. 

Importance of advanced excel 

The Excel is not only about mere general functions that includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division rather much more than that. With the growing demands in advanced excel and its use, companies and organization are fond of hiring such experts. Hence, big organizations occasionally conduct inner employee training program over advanced excel in order to sharpen their skills and knowledge. Therefore, companies do provide Microsoft certified IT professional (MCITP) training that provides opportunity and expertise in the workforce. Some of the striking aspects that one can experience on having advanced excel training program are as follows

  • On having the proper training of advanced excel program one can able to save a lot of time over complex formulas. This training program delivers adequate knowledge as well as expertise on successful using of Excel formula more efficiently.
  • To maintain better productivity in business, time plays an important role and the management always tries to maintain maximum outcome within the shortest span of time.
  • Bigger organizations need to consolidate huge data in a proper manner so that it can be well presented and analyzed from time to time. Thus, excel training sessions and related courses provide such effectiveness and efficiency.

Its implications

Whether the organization focusing on budget forecasting or organizing sales lists and performance of the client, Excel proves to be the most indispensable tool. Some of the areas that Excel accumulates much acknowledgment are as follows


In many corporate and business offices, the management does have a separate section for finance and accounting, contributing their valuable expertise in forecasting financial development, budget plan, etc. Thus, Excel plays an important role in analyzing the same that ensure effective decision-making.        

  • Product management and its marketing

While conducting marketing and product management program, it is essential for the department to track the market report. Hence, excel does provide easy access to analyze the data more effectively and efficiently.       

  • Human resource planning and management process

Among the human resource planning, employee information and payroll management are the important tasks that need to maintain through day-to-day basis. Thus, HR professionals utilize Excel tools to develop a proper spreadsheet for all employees. This ensures effective planning and forecasting of various credentials related to HR planning and management process.

To develop Advanced Excel skill, nine core areas that need to focus on are as follows

Other than basic formulae like SUM and IF formula, advanced excel comprises SUMIFS, SUMPRODUCT, INDEX, MATCH, LOOKUP formulas. Hence, some of the related resources are as follows



Array formula


Managing formula and errors


Formula auditing    

As an advanced excel user, one should know the use of effective creation of the report and for that effective formatting of tables is necessary. Some of the necessary resources that include are as follows


Table flexibility

Implementing table formula

Formatting of Excel workbooks   

It helps in determining or highlighting certain cells or data that need detailed focus.  

For effective analysis of huge data from a spreadsheet is very difficult and to ensure the effective creation of advanced charts can be possible through advanced excel. The skills that require advanced charting are as follows

Selection of appropriate charts based on requirement

Combining numerous charts into a consolidated one

Incorporating some features like in-cell and conditional formatting charts

Use of proper spark-lines

Creation of dynamic and interactive charts        

  • Pivot tables and reporting

Effective creation of Pivot table allows the user to analyze huge data within a short span of time. In an advanced excel program, some of the noticeable pivot table features are as follows




With the help of various metrics, it can be derived more effectively.       

VBA stands for visual basic for applications and it is one of the essential tools that advanced excel users use to cut short the time consumption. Some of the essential activities that implemented through this tool are as follows

Understanding of VBS and Macro

Enabling developer toolbar

Using a built-in recorder

Shortcuts related to Excel VBA  

Using Excel formulas and to implement with a greater space and professionalism, are the main criteria for maintaining Excel’s productivity and efficiency. Some of the necessary tools that need to grasp for better use of Excel are as follows

Keyboard shortcuts

Mouse shortcuts

Effective excels workbooks     

As an excel user, it is essential for one to properly create, solve and analyze various issues related to business and business performance report. Therefore, some essential resources to learn are as follows

Using Excel with statistics and model


Scenario analysis

Incorporating forecasting and trend analysis       

  • Integration of excel with other tools

As an advanced Excel professional, one should know to integrate excel with other tools like MS outlook, Access, and PowerPoint. To have proper grip over Excel integration and optimization, it is essential to understand following aspects like

Consolidation of several workbooks

Fetching required data over the net

Using Excel as proper database

Communication through mail using Excel

Thus, all the above-mentioned aspects and details surely guide in having or acquiring expertise as an advanced excel user. Advanced excel program, thus creates an opportunity for the professionals, those who are pursuing their careers in accounts and finance. Advanced Excel program is also quite appealing and relevant among the studentsFree Web Content, who want to drive their career in the relevant field.

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