Accessory of the season: Tassel Earrings!

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H&M, £7.99


You might have a favourite fashion blogger you follow on Instagram, liking every single picture as soon as they go live, commenting on blog posts, and even buying pieces they recommend. But even if you aren’t an Insta-stalker, you would have seen this trend somewhere on a social feed in the last couple of weeks. 

Tassel earrings, in all their different guises, are THE thing to have for the summer. Orange, blue, red, cream… whatever the hue of fringing, you can’t go wrong. 

And when you have such a statement accessory, it means your outfit doesn’t have to be all singing all dancing – just shove a pair of these on, and you’re good to go! 

Have you got a pair yet? I’ve scouted the high street and beyond, and found these amazing styles… 


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