A Valkerie Woman How To Self Help for Dog Pets or Your self

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May we realize our actions of KINDNESS – quantify. The thoughts we think CREATE. We don't need to wait till Heaven to LIVE it. But we do need to CARE… and care around the world makes us a family. And "Two or more agree" is a Blblical and Quantified prayer that can in a twinkling of an eye – shift reality.
FEED THE LAUGHTER AND LOVE…. starve the Reptile Snakes that feed on DRAMA, Hate, and FEAR. JUST __ TURN AROUND__ and look at the stars and say THANK YOU. Turn around and see the BEAUTY OF LIFE and say THANK YOU. Turn around a HUG SOMEONE with LOVE – honest Love not lust. And say Thank you and then realize your thoughts are creating the FEARS to be real.
So like this dog… wrap the leg of our wounds and KEEP ON. Being KIND.. and use your SEXY FOR THE GOOD OF ALL.
Not just one selfish mean moment lisajohnson143. I BIND YOU IN LOVE and LIGHT and all the Johnson LIES. You are really the ignorant. I paid the price for seeing through the lie. And the feeding of Drama Addictions….
But of course that is a different story… NoW back to Heaven On Earth.. a WORTHY CAUSE.
I am a Valkerie and Semper Fi wife – Survivor… and if you are still reading this.. pray for Good and Grace be given to our Protective Angels of LIGHT. As evil walks amongst us.
Let us Pray pray pray – every breath breathe out a GOOD WORD. So it can create its good as a seed.
Not this badgering of selfish ignorance.
"We Live – so let us Live" – Zeus

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