A Smashing Day on The Race Track

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This week I had a smashing time driving Ginetta racing cars  – literaly smashing, I crashed their 200 mph car twice.

Me with Ginetta G90 car

Before I Crashed The Ginetta G90 Car Multiple Times

I was invited out to the Rockingham Race track by Rick Parfitt Jnr – the current British GT4 champion, rock star and all round good guy.

Me and Rick in the team garage

Rick Parfitt Jnr. and I in The Team Garage

It had been raining all morning and it’s my excuse that the wet road surface contributed to my ignominious exit of the track on the third bend.

Me in the Ginetta

Getting Ready For a Spin in The Ginetta G90

I shot off the road and into the gravel at about 120mph and the wall was approaching fast. I wasn’t too bothered about my safety – we were well strapped in and had race helmets on – I was more concerned with the fact that I had signed a waiver beforehand saying that I would pay for any damage to the car. As the crash barrier got closer and closer I got a sinking feeling deep in my stomach, and wallet.

Me In With Rick

Getting Tips From The British GT4 Champion

On race days I usually install a SmartWitness SVC1080 video incident camera – these clever devices are basically HD CCTV cameras that sits on your windscreen and shows who is at fault in an accident – which is pretty important when driving £90,000 worth of high-performance racing car. The SmartWitness Smart-I Drive camera is also hugely popular for parents who are about to let their older children loose on their family car.

Spen in race suit and crashed car

Well and Truly Stuck in The Gravel

Sadly, on this occasion the SmartWitness camera would have only shown that the problem was my poor cornering but luckily no damage was done.


After lunch Rick Parfitt and Ginetta racing’s Paul Rees gave me a further pep talk on how to take the bends and by then the sun had come out and the road conditions were perfect.


Me and Rick

Receiving a Pep Talk From Rick Parfitt and Paul Rees

Rick said I had the makings of a good racing driver – my commitment was total and I put the pedal to the metal at all times, I just needed some more practice.

On my second time on the track I achieved an impressive first lap time and buoyed with confidence started to look for a better racing line. At that point disaster struck again, I dropped gear to hit a tight right-hander and skidded right off the track again and straight into the gravel.


De Ja Vu


Thankfully it wasn’t a bad crash, the car still works fine, but the registration plate which was a bit wobbly from where we hit the front of the gravel. The only thing that was badly dented was my ego.

Me getting out after a spin

Checking The Hair Is Intact After A Spin

But I’ve definitely got the bug for racing now and thanks to Lawrence Tomlinson the owner of Ginetta racing I hope to be back on the track very soon.

PS. Also I’d like to say thank you to Laura Tomlinson for the lovely gift of some of her GinettaLifeStyle sporting clothes as a parting gift. I think she gave them to me because she was feeling a bit sorry for me when I put the car into the gravel for a second time.

Lots of love



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