A Drivers Guide to Big Cities

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Driving in areas with heavy traffic is bad enough, but driving in a large city that you are unfamiliar with would be an absolute nightmare. I certainly wouldn’t want to do it!

However, there are a couple of subtle things that you can do to make your journey that little bit easier. The main cities in the UK are London (The Capital), Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Belfast and Edinburgh.

If you are unsure of how to drive safely in any of these, take a read through this article. We will be discussing a couple of the things that you can be doing and how they will make your entire experience that little bit easier.

1. Planning

Make sure that you plan your route before you leave. Try to remember some of the key areas to avoid and try to remember specific road names and area’s that are close to your target destination.

Purchase an up to date UK map or update your navigation system so that you have the latest updates and road maps available to you.

2. Traffic

Check all of the local traffic reports in the area that you are aiming for. Make sure that you try to avoid areas that may be under significant roadworks and updates.

If you are aware of these early on, you can plan ahead and look to avoid them.

3. Company

If you can, ask someone to sit with you in the car while you make your trip. If you can get someone to ride along with you that knows the area too then that is a massive bonus and will certainly help settle the nerves.

driveJohnson’s are a national driving school that offer low cost driving lessons in London and the immediate surround boroughs. They offer affordable driving school franchise packages for qualified ADI’s too.

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