A cinematic weekend….

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We've been up that London again and as ever it was great and I thought we should do it more often. We went to the screening of the new Despicable Me 3 movie at the Odeon in Leicester Square this morning (with Gru's ship, on the orange carpet above) – all reviews are embargoed til tomorrow but suffice to say it was fab!

And when we came out the whole foyer was full of helium balloons which was a nice touch, although we cause chaos on the tube with them – two kids and balloons with very long strings was a dangerous combo, Minnie nearly strangled one poor man when it got a bit gusty.

Then we had a lovely lunch at Brindisa – super authentic Spanish food, the black rice (or 'pirate rice' as we call it to get Monty to eat it!) was the best we've had outside Spain! – followed by a bus ride where we got the front seat on the top deck. Can't beat that, hey?


Oh and I am forgetting to tell you that we had a family movie on Saturday night and watched Home Alone on Netflix which both kids found hilarious and James and I enjoyed too, having not seen it for 20 years. They are still talking about what would happen if they were ever left home alone, how they'd manage, what they'd do etc. – Minnie is very sensibly going to dial 999 and spend all her pocket money, Monty is just going to 'go crazy'. Let's hope it never happens!!


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