A Cigar Guide Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Smoking, If You Study It

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Many people wonder if a cigar guide is truly necessary for a smoker to find what they are looking for. Necessity is not the issue here; expediency is. A guide of any kind makes a search of any kind easier to pursue, and more likely to pay off in the end.

In this case, a cigar guide provides cigar smokers with all kinds of information that pertains to both cigars themselves and the general world of cigar smoking as a whole. Things such as local bans on smoking, information on humidors, new and exciting cigar packs as gift items, cigar accessories you may not have thought of, and cigar etiquette for cigar lounge aficionados are all explained in sufficient detail to make good decisions and to act appropriately.

Much needed advice for beginning smokers is almost always included. After all, we were all once beginners, and none of us would have stuck with it had there been someone or something to give us the basics of brand and etiquette. New smokers will also gain from these publications (both print and online) a wealth of information about cigar products like humidors, cigar cutters, how to prepare and install humidifiers, and helpful tips about health and legal issues that relate to cigars.

A cigar guide is a resource for the inquisitive, but somewhat shy, new smoker who does not want to risk embarrassment by asking too many questions at a cigar lounge.

Much to their surprise, the average beginner tends to be a little shocked at how truly different smoking a cigar is in comparison to a cigarette. For instance, a cigar has to be cut a certain way before it is smoked in order for a person to draw smoke from the end. This is not necessary with a cigarette. Another difference is the way a person has to light a cigar. The end must be lit deliberately and evenly, otherwise, the cigar will not burn evenly. Perhaps the greatest difference, however, is the way a person actually smokes a cigar. Cigar smoke is drawn into the mouth and tasted, but it is never inhaled like cigarette smoke.

Making these mistakes in a cigar lounge can be so embarrassing a person tries a cigar once and never tries one again. That is, unless he or she learns NOT to make them by reading a cigar guide first. With a little bit of motivated self-study, one soon learns that the world of cigars is not about being an elitist, but rather being confident and classy in a way that silently communicates that you know what you are doing no matter what you are doing or where.

This is also the best place to find information on how individual brands of cigars are made. Most seasoned smokers prefer to smoke hand-rolled cigars. Machine-rolled cigars are considered cheap. The cigar connoisseur needs to know up front what he or she is buying before money is actually put on the table.

Cigar aficionados also care a great deal about cigar country of origin. Nations like Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic are world famous for their cigar quality. A cigar guide can and should give as much information on where a particular manufacturer grows the tobacco used in its cigar fillers and wrappers.

Cigar guides will often publish news on the latest developments in the cigar world, also providing information on what is happening in the world’s top cigar companies.

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