8 Personal Qualities of a Entrepreneur – from a South African Perspective

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Anyone, regardless of age, sex, colour, or any other characteristic can become an entrepreneur. There are no limitations on this form of economic expression. Entrepreneurship is not a generic trait; it is a skill that must be learned.

Confidence in your ability to succeed

All entrepreneurs tend to be optimistic about their chances for success and usually their optimism is based on reality. Entrepreneurs approach things positively. When entrepreneurs experience problems or failures, they do not blame others, but analyse the situation to determine the cause of the problem or failure. Instead of blaming themselves, entrepreneurs will take steps needed for a business to survive and grow.

Preference for moderate risk

They rarely gamble. Entrepreneurs look at a project in terms of some personal level of perceived risk. They have usually thought through the situation and believe that the goal is reasonable and attainable. They know that good planning based on realism and market research is the best policy against business risks.

Desire for responsibility

They prefer to be in control of their resources, and to use those resources to achieve self-determined goals.


Entrepreneurs are more energetic than the average person. That energy may be a critical factor given the effort required to launch a business. Hard work and long hours are the rule rather than the exception.

Identifying opportunities

Probably one of the most important qualities an entrepreneur may posses. They look ahead and are less interested with what happened yesterday, focusing on tomorrow.

Skill at organising

Putting the right people together to accomplish the desired goals is important. Mediating, delegating and listening to employees to achieve a streamed line business is critical.

Urge to achieve

A combination of financial, personal and creative goals will drive an entrepreneur to gain success and achieve goals.

Desire for immediate feedback

Entrepreneurs like to know how they are doing and are constantly looking for reinforcement.

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