4 Tips to Maintain a Currency Counting Machine

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Banks, retail outlets, hotels etc. have to handle large amounts of cash on a daily basis. The use of a currency counting machine enables them to count large amounts of money flawlessly. They are also highly efficient in detecting fake notes. But because of their continuous usage, these machines often accumulate dirt and debris. This often leads to issues such as bill slipping, miscounts, bill rejection and machine jams. Here are some tips using which you can keep your currency counting machine in perfect working condition: –

Avoid putting undesirable objects within the machine

Make it a point to ensure that foreign objects are not put within the machine. To do so, this means you will have to check all bills to make sure that no coins, rubber bands, paper clips and hidden staples attached to notes within the machine. When you are not using the machine, turn it off. It will enhance its lifespan. Wipe the output trays, feed, hopper and stacker each time you use it with a clean, dry cloth. It should be covered to check dust or dirt from getting within it.

Know when to clean the machine

Though wiping the money counting machine is necessary each time you utilise it, it is not necessary to perform cleaning on a daily basis. The best way to take care of the machine is to clear out its interior part at least once in a week. You will realise that it’s time to clean the machine in case you come across issues like bill rejections, miscounts and batch back-ups. All these are symptoms that your machine is dirty.

Use compressed air for cleaning purpose

You can start the cleaning process of your machine with compressed air. To do so, you will need to unplug your machine and use the canister for blow dust through its counter. Ensure that the air is blown in every opening so that you can remove debris from its sensors and rollers. Observe the directions of the cans very closely. Inappropriate usage can cause great damage to your machine.

Utilise cleaning cards for cleaning the machine

The best way to clean a money counting machine is to utilise a currency counter cleaning card. Cleaning cards are specifically designed for removing debris, paper dust, ink residue and dirt. It is also highly efficient for cleaning feed paths, metal plates, note recognition lenses and rollers. You will only need to insert the card within the counter as you normally insert a currency note. The card will do the remaining work. It will move through the machine in a way similar to a bill and remove all the dirt. Cleaning cards are normally moist and once you move them through the machine, they will get marked. You will need to run the card through the machine a couple of times once you start to check that there are no additional markings. Discard the card after usage.

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