3 Tips to Select a Barcode Scanners

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Maintaining inventory of any commercial outlet is a challenging task for many people. A barcode scanner is commonly used for ensuring that that there are no errors while checking bar codes. But if you are a first-time buyer, then you may face a tough time selecting a barcode scanner. Here are some tips using which you can select a suitable barcode scanner online: –

Determine the exact type of barcode scanner which you require

Barcode scanners are primarily of three types-laser, linear imaged and 2 D area imagers. Laser barcode scanners are one of the most common type of scanners which are available in the market. They use a red diode laser for reading reflectance of black & white space in a barcode. These scanners can read only 1D barcodes. Linear image scanners are similar to them as they can only read 1D barcodes. But rather than reading reflected light from a laser, they take its picture and analyse it to acquire details from the code.

As in the case of linear images, full 2D images capture images for barcode analysis. However, as compared to linear devices, they have the ability to read any type of bar-code. It can support 1D, stacked as well as 2D barcodes. Another major advantage of these scanners is that the barcode’s orientation doesn’t matter while reading. In the case of lasers and linear images, you will need to line up the indicator in a horizontal position across the barcode. A 2D imaged takes a more detailed image. Therefore, it can enable you to read a code in any direction.

Take into account its ruggedness

Irrespective of the place where you are going to utilise your scanner, ruggedness is an area which you cannot ignore. The area where you are going to use it is a big factor. But you will need to consider how the scanner will be utilised. Even if you use it in a good environment but handled in a poor manner, then opting for a rugged option will help save both time and money. Most of the scanners which you will come across are meant for day to day use in office or retail environment. An accidental drop in rare cases is manageable.

Corded or cordless-which one do you require?

Scanners of all models need to communicate with a PC for transmitting barcode information within the software which you are using. Corded scanners can be connected directly to a PC using a cable. However, the usage of cordless scanners has become more common these days as they are more affordably priced.

The handheld function of the scanners work in the same function as the corded ones except that the scanner connects wirelessly to a base station. The base station is then connected to the PC through a cable. Once you make up your mind about the exact scanner you require, you can compare the bar-code scanners price and opt for the most appropriate one.

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