10 Daily Rituals To Increase Your Confidence

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In order to achieve more success in any area of your life you have to take more action. When you were a child and you learnt to walk, you didn’t pick it up and walk first time. You learnt to walk by taking constant action over and over. After a while walking became an automatic process, which you don’t have to think about now, you just do it. The same is true about achieving confidence. In order to achieve more confidence you have to practise it by taking action over and over, until it becomes an automatic process.

The problem we face today is that most people care too much about what people think, so they’re afraid to try new things because they’ll look bad if they fail. You may try something once and it doesn’t work, so you give up! If that were the case when you were a kid, you wouldn’t be walking today!

The secret to success is Action! Anyone who’s ever achieved their goals and dreams in life took more action then the rest. By taking more action you achieve more confidence, which increases the belief you have in yourself. Here are 10 tips you can follow everyday achieve a remarkable increase in your confidence:

1. Jump out of bed this morning, clap your hands loudly and say to yourself; ‘This is going to be the most amazing day, full of excitement and adventure.’

2. When you’re in the shower visualise your day ahead. See yourself being more confident then you’ve ever been, in every situation you may encounter throughout the day. Make the images in your mind big, bright and colourful like a blockbuster movie and notice the rich sounds around you as you feel all the confidence spread throughout your body.

3. Spend 5 minutes looking in the mirror and say this incantation with strong emotion in your body; ‘I am a happy, confident person. I control the way I feel in every situation. No person or situation can ever make me feel anything I don’t want to feel.’

4. On your way to work or to do your daily chores listen to some uplifting music. Put your Radio or iPod on to your favourite music. Listen to music that allows you to feel happy and confident in yourself.

5. Throughout the day if a person or situation is getting to you, make the image of the person or situation in your mind tiny like a postage stamp, and drown the colour out, so the image is black and white. If someone is talking to you in a negative tone, just imagine they’re talking like daffy duck or bugs bunny.

6. Do one thing today the scares you. Go up and speak to that guy or girl you’ve always wanted to speak to, or make that pressing call you’ve been avoiding. Whatever it is, take yourself out your comfort zone and ‘Just Do It’.

7. Start a conversation with someone you’ve never met before. It may be someone at work, in a shop or on the train home. You may compliment them on their nice shoes or cool hairstyle, it doesn’t matter what the situation is, ‘Just Do It’.

8. On your way home listen to some smoothing and relaxing music that makes you happy and relaxed.

9. At home spend 10-15 writing in your journal. Ask yourself these three questions and write the answers in your journal:

– How confident was I today on a scale or 1-10 (10 being extremely confident and 1 being very shy)

– Which areas was I most confident in today?

– Which areas can I improve my confidence in for tomorrow?

10. Before you go to be spend 10 minutes visualising your life’s goals and dreams. See everything playing out the way you want it to play out, like you’re in a big blockbuster movie. See what you’ll see, hear what you’ll hear and feel how good it feels to be achieving everything you want in your life with amazing confidence.

Follow these 10 tips everyday religiously for the next three weeks and you’ll see a giant increase in your confidence.

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